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3D Models for Blender and
3D Printing

Models and services I can offer.

Blender Models

Cassini Pinup.jpg

General purpose 3D models for use in Blender are fully rigged, animatable models featuring sculpted anatomy, fully body fur and or scales, and full PBR materials. I can also prepare models for 3D printing.

Highly complex and/or mechanical characters may raise the price on a case by case basis.​

All Blender3D models feature a detailed face rig, like shown above.

The galleries on my 3D Art and Home pages all feature many additional examples of Blender models.


Interested in a character model for other software? Get in touch and I can likely sort something out for you.

Source Filmmaker Models

Starting at $250CAD

Deem Pinup.jpg

SFM characters include a fully rigged character with your choice of expression flexes. Outfits and clothing can and may cost extra, depending on complexity and the number of desired outfits.

Examples of SFM characters can be seen in the gallery below.

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