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3D Printed Models of All Sorts

3D Printed Statuettes are a new field for me. I love making them, I'm hoping my prices will come down overtime as I build up a workflow and optimise my building process.


Kai OV.jpg

3D Printed Statuettes are fully detailed, physical renditions of your character. They're weighted and sanded smooth, resulting in models feeling closer to porcelain than plastic. Lastly they're painted and sealed with acrylic and a light gloss lacquer.


Models are optimised such that they can stand up on their own, however a magnetic or peg stand is included and is preferred for long term use. There are many sizes to choose from:


Up to 20cm/8in tall




Up to 30cm/12in tall




Up to 45cm/18in tall




Largest Per Dollar!


Up to 57cm/22.5in tall)



Want just an unpainted model that you can paint yourself? Let me know, and we can work out a reduced price!

You can browse below for examples, including weights and size comparisons.

General 3D Printing

Interested in something 3D printed other than statuettes? I can print and distribute almost anything you'd like.

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