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The following are the Terms of Service for commissioning artwork or other pieces of work from me, Yintero. Please note the following:

  • By commissioning me, Yintero, you agree to the following regardless of if you’ve read them or not.

  • By commissioning me, you acknowledge that you are over 18 years old.

  • I reserve the right to change the following terms at any time, without prior notice, and for any reason.  

Copyright, Relationship, and  Privacy
  • I retain ownership and authorship of all work I produce.

  • You the commissioner, are granted a perpetual, non-exclusive, non-commercial licence:

    • In the case of artwork, to upload the final work to freely available online services, and to display or distribute the final work in print, or via other physical media, if such is available, for non commercial purposes.

    • In the case of a digital good, to upload media of the final work to freely available online services, and to utilise the model within your application of choice to produce non-commercial content.​​

    • In the case of a physical good, to upload photos and media to freely available online services, and to display the good in any situation or location, provided said display is non-commercial.

  • Provided that I am credited as the original artist, you are free to upload and use the artwork you receive from me for any non-commercial use.

  • For clients interested in pieces for commercial use, the rights of the piece ​are discussed on a case by case basis.

  • Do not remove my signature or logo from any piece.

  • I reserve the right to decline accepting a commission request, regardless of the reason.

  • In the case of a 3D Model commission, you are free to do what you like with the model provided it is for non-commercial use and I am credited as the original creator. As mentioned previously, commercial terms can be discussed on a case by case basis.

  • If you’d like a commission involving someone else’s character or intellectual property, note that I require permission from that person to create your piece.

  • You and I both agree that we will not intentionally share any private information gained during the commission process. This includes names, email addresses, physical addresses, or any other personally identifying information, as well as account information such as Discord, Telegram, Paypal, etc. 

  • Additionally regarding privacy: For commissions of VRChat characters, I will not log into a client's account to upload a personal private model. Clients upload models themselves to their account. A easy to understand guide is provided in such cases, it takes less than three minutes to upload your own character.

 Payment and Refunds
  • I currently accept payment through PayPal in CAD. Payment through Interac is optionally available for Canadian commissioners only. Payment through in-person cash is available for Toronto commissioners only.

  • Payment means that you agree with the cost of the commission service.

  • I typically receive payment through invoices. I require your Paypal information to send these to you, so ensure you give me that information along with your other commission info.

  • You are free to pay me in instalments if you choose to do so, the size of which is up to you, above a minimum of $50CAD. The first instalment must be paid as soon as possible, and I will not release the finished artwork until all instalments are received.

  • If you the commissioner cancel a commission at any point in time before completion, I will refund a portion of the price, depending on the degree of completion.

  • If I the artist cancel a commission at any point in time before completion, I will refund the full price.

  • I will not tolerate abusive behaviour towards myself, or others. In such a case, your commission will be cancelled and you will be fully refunded.

The Process, WIP's, and Revisions
  • I will always discuss and/or confirm details prior to sending an invoice.

  • You are free to track the progress of your commission on my public Trello board. Do note that if you feel I am taking too long with your commission, you’re free to message me about it, I’ll expedite it as best as I can.

  • Should anything occur that would disrupt the process of my work, I’ll notify you.

  • Once I have finished a sufficient amount of work on your piece, I will send you a small WIP album of your commission for your approval. I do this as unlike 2D art, a 3D character or scene will not look as intended until the majority of the work is done first.

  • WIP’s are for you to see. Do not post the WIP’s I send publicly.

  • Note that if I forgot to add a detail which was previously outlined by you, I’ll definitely correct it, no questions asked! However, major changes which were not indicated to me may require an additional fee, as the case may require.

  • Sometimes it may be easier to discuss details in real time, and in those cases I’m available for IM through Telegram or Discord.

  • I am an artist, and as such I have a particular artistic style, or method and manner in which I make my art. Do note that I am not creating an exact clone of your 2D character in 3D, but I am instead making them in my own style, as any other artist would. If so desired, I can try my best to tweak my methods to more closely match a desired outcome.

  • Note that many 2D references of characters are not made with 3D principles in mind, as such there may be some cases where additional detail discussion may be required to accurately portray your character in 3D.

  • I can model anything you want, be it a character, a kitchen environment, a fighter plane zooming through the clouds, a mechanical serpent creature, whatever!

  • However there are some specific things I will not make:

    • Scat

    • Vore

    • Gore

    • Cub/Diapers (of any kind)

    • Inflation

    • Pool toys or plushies

    • Non-consensual events or scenes


Why did you finish someone else’s commission before mine?

This may happen for many reasons. I prefer to manage a small progress pool of active commissions as I tend to flip between different projects. They don’t always get finished in the exact order in which I start them. However, I will always clear all commission slots before I take any more.

Can I get WIPs?

As stated previously, I send you WIP’s when I feel I’ve done something I’d like to update you on.

Can you make things other than characters, like hard surface modelling?

Definitely! I can create almost anything you like, I’m very flexible in what I can make. 

Could you change abc__xyz about my commission?

Yeah sure! Though make sure you tell me when I send the first batch of WIP's so I don’t do too much work I’ll have to undo. Though if I model a whole scene and you dislike it, then it’ll definitely cost you for me to change it. 

How long do your commissions take?

I have generally shied away from giving time estimates due to how hectic and strange my motivation/schedule can be. The time I take will vary based on the complexity of the commission, however on average I can usually finish still images, models, or simpler animations within a week after starting, while more complicated animations may take three to four weeks. 


Why are your prices so low compared to other 3D artists?

I first started learning to work in 3D when I was 9 years old. I've made very, very many 3D models and scenes: I stopped counting at 200. As such, due to how quickly I work nowadays I can afford to make things a bit more accessible for clients on a price per hour basis.

I messaged you but you didn’t respond?

Whoops I must have missed it! If I don’t respond just message me again, I have immense patience with people and am rather difficult to annoy.

Give me free art or assets?

I only really do free art randomly for close friends, or within a giveaway, or such like. 3D art is a very intensive field of work and I’m not just gonna give stuff away to random people. 

What software do you use?

My 3D work is done using Blender 3D along with the Cycles render engine, image composition/texturing is done in Affinity Photo, and video editing (for animations) I do with Davinci Resolve. 


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